To offer a way into community with neighbor and the Triune God, by way of discipleship and sharing the gospel with all.
    We believe that in the beginning God created humankind to be in community with Him and with each other. We see this commitment and command to be in community with God and neighbor throughout scripture from Genesis to Exodus and the establishment of Israel, to the Prophets calling the people back into community, and to the life lived out in Jesus Christ. We believe that this biblical community is learned through discipleship and the sharing of the gospel to all people as shown in the life of Christ Jesus. Thus, it is the responsibility of the church to be involved in the community and to help make this world a better place one person at a time.


Almont Community Church was founded by a group of people who loved their community and Jesus. They wanted to bring His love into their town, serve it’s people while getting to know them better and share the gospel while doing it. So in September of 2018 ACC was born. As we minister within the streets of Almont and within our homes we look forward to meeting you. If there is anything we can do serve you please reach out, that is why we are here!

Almont Community Church

145 S. Main Street
Almont, Michigan 48003

Call (616) 403-9741

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